Dr. Tyler on Prescribing

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MANY drugs have produced the symptoms of, and can therefore cure the common cold : but alas ! only the one that has evoked the exact conditions of the individual patient will CURE that patient : i.e. not merely palliate while he recovers, but CURE.

Why ? Because there is Law behind cure ; and if we desire to evoke Power, we must conform to its conditions. The only known Law of Healing is Hahnemann’s, similia similibus curentur. In acute work, if you can get exact correspondence between the symptoms of the patient and the symptoms evoked in healthy persons by some drug, it is a mathematical certainty that you will cure -because of the Law of Similars. If you do not get the correspondence it is equally certain that you will NOT cure -because of the Law of Similars. Law does not fail. It is we who fail in our attempts to put it in action. We may do bad work and call it Homœopathy, discrediting it in the patient’s eyes and in our own : only it did not happen to be Homœopathy ! When an aeroplane crashes no one says, “The laws of gravitation -motion-physics- have failed in this case !” -the fault is sought in faulty adaptation : Law is inexorable.

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