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Geese are water fowls bigger than ducks but smaller than swans. They are domesticated for their large size weighing up to 10 kilograms (22 lb). This affects their body structure; whereas wild geese have a horizontal posture and slim rear end, domesticated geese lay down large fat deposits toward the tail end, giving a fat rear and forcing the bird into a more upright posture. This also completely prevents flight, though geese will run and flap their wings when startled, and may get a foot or so in the air momentarily.
The term goose bumps comes from the de-feathered geese that have small boils on the skin from where the feathers have been plucked, hence the term goose bumps! Some authors have applied “goose bumps” to the symptoms of sexually-transmitted diseases. Certainly being “bitten by a Winchester goose” was a common euphemism for syphilis in the 16th century. “Winchester geese” was the nickname for the prostitutes of South London

Taking the rubrics of Conium (unique ones), those which have only Conium as their remedy point to some common theme. narrating the rubrics and the concept that emerges
1) Anxiety mid night on half waking
2) Anxiety continence from
3) Aversion friends to pregnancy during
4)Delusion animals dancing bed on the
Delusion goose he is.
5) Delusion someone door at the at night
6) Dress averse to
7) Fears alone being, desires alone being but
8) Fear work persuaded to cannot be
9) Haughty, clothes like to wear his best
10) Hypochondriasis menses suppression of
11) Hysteria, coition >
12) Impressionable, unpleasantly by everything.
13) Indifference walking in open air with
14) Insanity, dresses his best clothes in
15) Laughing exhausted, weakness during
16) Quarrelsome alt with quiet sadness
17) Quarrelsome cannot tolerate light, sound
18) Sadness aversion to see her children from
19) Sadness 20) Seizes hold of people on streets and abuses them.

Taking only mind symptoms the theme that emerges is that Conium patients are melancholic, fearful people who would rather not show their melancholia and their fears and put on their best face……dress best clothes in. Look at bad part of everything(glass half empty syndrome). The mental faculty goes on weakening at first followed by imbecility later.

Dr. Kent in his lectures describes Conium as an important remedy for young widowers who have been “suddenly” deprived of the sexual functions. Trembling and weakness coming on there after.Dr Kent has given great emphasis on the trembling and weakness due to any cause, old age, plain muscle weakness.Inability to stand and walk(paralytic weakness) and has to take great effort to walk. Tottering gait is how Kent describes Conium. Here it can be compared with the goose, which has an inability to fly due to its body shape and size. It yet makes an effort to fly by flapping its wings and takes flight of a single flap especially when it is startled. Which again demonstrates the front that a goose puts up of flying…..therefore delusion goose that he is. With fright being prominent, wants to be alone yet fears to be alone, thus goose bumps also pivotal!

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