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Thorn-apple, Jamestown-weed, Stink-weed.
Preparation, Tincture of herb in flower and fruit
Al the force seems to be in the “mind” the cerebrum.
DELIRUM- violent delirium, foolish delirium, Joyful delirium, all times delirium with open eyes. delirum with sexual eximent, sudden delirium with ridicule gestures.
Maniacal delirum supervened, symptoms resembling hudrophobia. Delirium with incoherent talking.
Delirium of fear, as thoug a dog were attacking him
furious mania, force requiring several persons to hold him. impression of immidiate danger, desires LIGHT,
and company, wildness of maners. Fear darkness,
Fear expression, Painless is characteristic,
Sleepy but cannot sleep..
Young pletoric persons, especially children in chorea, mania and delirium. Desire to scape in delirium.
Disposed to talk continually, incessant and incoherent talking and laughing, praying, beseeching, entreating; ‘with suppressed menses.
Hydrophobia, fear of water, with excessive aversion to liquids. In metrorrhagia from retained placenta with characteristic delirium. After overaction, from repeated doses of Belladona in whooping cough.
Aggraviation in the dark, when alone, looking at bright or shining objects, after sleep, when attempting to swallow.
Amelioration from bright light, company, warmth.
Face hot and red with cold hands and feet., redness of cheeks, blood rushes to face. risus sardonicus.

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