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The miracle of trituration, when making this proving the
group who was working together felt a direct inner connection between the homeopaths present and the remedy’s essence.
This experience is an adventure that reveals many secrets
lying in the innermost core of the remedy.

The swan, symbol of light, purity and grace, just as the color white stands for purity, perfection and enlightenment.

Also represents the death beyond this world.
Cygnus is a powerful remedy for deep seated grief that prevades the psyche with a deep sorrow that cannot be overcome. It differs from ignatia in that the feeling and intensity do not lessen over time but are relieved as if it had only just occurred, a pain that cannot be released or forgotten crippling in its intensity Grief, loss, sadness and profound sorrow hanging into a deep loss not being able to let go.

At the same time has the grace, clairvoyant dreams, need lo be alone, lying down with a quiet disposition and desire to curled up. Remorse with sadness, but sublime ecstasy. Feels coldness of bones and chillness. Cramps in ovaries and abdomen.
most of all birds, have the sensation of chocking when
they eat, desire to eat, THE FAMILY UNION, trembling. long neck and long lengs, dreams of flying.

Beatriz H Hill, Medicina Homeopatica BEHHILL

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