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SPASMS: is the word characterizing this remedy in Meningitis, Cholera
cholera morbus, whooping cough, scarlatina, affections arising from
suppressed skin troubles, especially from acute exanthemata.
Cuprum is pre-eminently a convulsive remedy in every degree of
violence, Opistostonos, clonic and tonic spasms, also during
pregnancy puerperal convulsions before and after delivery
The peculiarity of the remedy is cramps, and spasms, twitching or
jerking convulsions that start in fingers and toes and ailments
associated with blueness and coldness of surface of skin with
metallic taste in the mouth. Moves eyes in all directions, Rage.
Cramped, self critical, persecutory delusions, behaviour problems
in children destructive spitting and bitting with alternating moods,
timidity alternating with obstinacy. CNS damage or dysfunction
including motor pathway. Mental and body overexertion of mind
and loss of sleep. Extreme anguish, vertigo if reading, insanity.
In Epilepsy the peculiarity is during the attack passes urine.
Puerperal states before and after delivery with scanty and albuminous
urine and during the progress of the labor the patient becomes blind.
Has a desire of drinking cold water that betters all symptoms, even
the wooping cough with rattling in chest and spasms.
When menses are suppressed in puberty girls by cold bath and then
convulsions appear.
Dry hard difficult cough with spasms of the throat with sensation of
constricted or swallowing until she suffocates.
Also when copper poisoning, and the second stages of cholera.
Beatrizhh June 23-2011

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