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Clalrke M.M. says its main symptom is Vertigo every time
he blows his nose.
Other provers say:
Something on fire, he burns like something he would not
mention. Itching all over the body makes him walk to’
relieve the restlessness that any interruption makes him
impatient and ready to quarrel, he is so busy scratching that
he will concentrate in himself ( Kent M. M page 483)
Culex has a mind feeling neighbors are intruders into your
space, interfering with your privacy cannot tolerate it
they fight back.”Uses frequently the word bothered”
everything bothers them, why boder others, so they
have intolerance to interference. Rude, quarrelsome,
critical especially at home, not with friends. Likes to
fight at minor things, talks rude.
Feels threat of rape, dares, makes a big show, back answers.
Self willed confident, fearlesness, wants to handle things
by themselves,
Irritability and anxiety going down. As if they were cheap
persons, but in the contrary they have a superiority feeling.
Provers felt that they are proving a placebo and they have
be a good provers.
Appearance problems, they overdress because they have
a need to attract.
They need maximum attention, focused, there is a need
to be a master prover, with desire to gain knowledge.
Lots of physical energy, alertness inspite of less food and
sleep. Dreams of dirt and shit all around. Horrible things,
and sad stories affects profoundly.
it is a right sided remedy < warm room > open air
Beatriz H Hill.

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