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The new latin name is Mallotus philippensis.
Thai name : Kham saet
Common name: Monkey-face tree

Croton is best known in medicine as a remedy for tapeworm. It is given in doses of half to two drachms.

Hanbury (Pharm. Jour., February, 1858, quoted in Treas. of Bot.) says:

“Among the Arabs of Aden it is given internally in leprosy, and used in solution to remove freckles and pustules; while in this country it has been used successfully in treating the eruption known as “wildfire” (Strophulus volaticus) in children, by rubbing the powder over the affected part with moist lint.

It appears, however, to be most valued as an anthelmintic, and has been extensively used with much success in India in cases of tapeworm, three drachms being sufficient for a robust person, and half that quantity for one of feeble habit.” Kamala shows by its clinical uses its relationship with Croton and the other Euphorbians.

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