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Is a remedy often useful in hæmorrhages that are black and stringy. Tingling in various parts. Chorea and hysterical Affections. Frequent and extreme changes in sensations and mental conditions. Anger with violence followed by repentance, Laughing mania. Drowsiness and lassitude; better by literary labor.

Mind.—Great distraction and forgetful ness. Extraordinarily changeable mood. Mournfulness alternating with cheerfulness.
Inclination to joke, laugh and sing. Gay insanity with buffoonery.
Angry and flying into a passion, alternating with gentleness.

Vertigo. — With fainting. Whirling, and feeling of intoxication in forehead when in room, but not in open air ; with occipital
headache and pains in eyes.

Head.—Sudden thrusts in forehead and temples.In evening by artificial light, pain in forehead with burning and pressure
in eyes. Pulsating pain in one side of, extending into eyes.

Eyes.—Nightly spasms of lids. Visible quivering of lids. Lachrymation when in room but not in open air. Inclination
to blink or wipe them. Dilated pupils. In evening by candle light,
dim vision, as of gauze or fog before.

Nose. — Bleeding thick, tenacious, black blood, with cold sweat on forehead.

Face.—Earthy color. Red, burning spots on. Glowing heat of. Cracked lips.

Mouth..—Scratching in throat in evening,before and after (not while) eating.Sensation in throat, as of a stopper therein,or as tho’ uvula had fallen. White coat on tongue with elevated papillae.

Appetite, etc.—Thirst in evening.

Eructation.—Heartburn after eating.

Nausea, etc.—Inclination to vomit disappearing in open air.

Stomach. —Sensation, as something living,hopping and jumping about in, and in abdomen or chest.

Abdomen.—Distension of. Sense of heaviness in lower, and pressing towards genitals.

Anus.—Sticking, itching and crawling in.

Sexual Organs.- -Continual, sharp stitching from anus into groins, where it remains as a simple pain, < inspiration.

Menses. — Too early, and too profuse. Uterine hemorrhage of dark, tenacious, foul smelling blood. Discharge of blood during new or full moon.

Respiration.—Difficult, with inclination to take a deep breath, better after yawning. Offensive smelling breath.

Cough..—Violent, dry, from irritation in trachea, relieved by laying hands on epigastrium. Haemoptysis.

Back.—Sensation of coldness in.
Upper Extremities.—Sensation in shoulder joint, as tho’ head of humerus would be dislocated. Asleep sensation in arms and hands. Burning, crawling and tension in finger tips. Frost bites on hands and fingers.

Lower Extremities.—Great weariness in knees and legs. Bruised pain in hip joint. Frost bites on toes.

Generalities.—Sensation as of something living, hopping and jumping about in body. Crawling thro’ body, now here, now there. Asleep feeling in single parts, especially at night. Hemorrhage of tenacious black blood from various organs. Choreic attacks with singing, laughing and dancing, toward
evening, every eight days. Early in morning, intense weakness and he feels worse generally. In open air she is far better than in a moderately warm room.Great alternation of symptoms.

Skin.—Scarlet redness of entire body. Painful suppuration of bruised parts.

Sleep.—Persistent yawning and inclination to. Sleepiness after every meal.Drowsiness and somnolency.

Fever. — Pulse: Feverishly accelerated. Anxious palpitation.

Chill ; Afternoon,augmented towards evening, with cold
shuddering spreading from back over legs, and trembling. Thirst, during chill as well as heat. Cold shuddering on posterior half of body only. Chilliness with goose-skin and yawning.

Heat : internal overrunning, with pricking and crawling in skin. Most on head and face, with pale cheeks and thirst. With a very red face and swelled blood vessels. Sweat : Scanty, some at night only and then it is cold and exhausting. On lower half of body only.

Allied Remedies.— Bell., Op., Plat.

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