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Convol. d. was proved under Mure, and some symptoms that are peculiar have been recorded:
Reveries in daytime. Numbness in limbs. Dreams of dead persons. Symptoms are reduced in morning and aggravated after cold bath.


Mind.─Moral weakness.─Reveries in the daytime.

Head.─Vertigo with faintness.─Burning in frontal region, ceasing after a cold bath.─Pain in frontal region with heat at root of nose.─Pain in l. temple (corresponding to inflamed l. eye).

Eyes.─Inflammation of l. eye.

Mouth.─Toothache.─Swelling of gums.─Tongue feels swollen.

Throat.─Heat and dryness at anterior and upper part of œsophagus.

Abdomen.─Pain in abdomen with internal heat.─Violent colic with drawings.


Urinary Organs.─Red urine.─Yellow sediment in urine.

Upper Limbs.─Numbness of arms,< when hanging down.─Pains in l. shoulder; in l. wrist.─Numbness of r. index and middle fingers. Lower Limbs.─Lancinating pain in r. knee.─Pain fore part of l. leg for four days.─Deep-seated pain in calves. Sleep.─Drowsiness in daytime.─Dreams: about quarrelling; about dead persons; falling out of his front teeth; of flying along a lighted street; appearance of a ghost; wakes with a start.

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