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Carbo vegetabilis resembles Lachesis in weak digestion, complaints of drunkards, flatulent asthma, constriction of the oesophagus, annoy- ance from clothing about the waist, offensive, bloody, decomposed, purulent stools, collapse, etc.

There is craving for coffee, but it does not relieve.

Milk disagrees in both remedies, but only Lachesis has craving for it.

Carbo veg. has aggravation from fats, tainted meats, fish, oysters, foods causing flatulency, ices, vinegar, and sour cabbage — the latter principally on account of the flatulency it causes. Eructations are sour, rancid.

Both drugs have relief of flatulent distension from belching, but Lachesis has an ill feeling in addition, which is relieved. Both drugs experience freer breathing after belching. In Carbo veg. this is expressed as the lessening of a tension and upward drawing which marks the costal attachments of the diaphragm; in Lachesis there is a relief after eructations which seem to suffocate him. They come rapidly, and induce the ever-present Lachesis constriction of the throat. The latter remedy also has empty eructations, which in- tensify the pains.

Carbo veg. has heaviness, fulness, sleepiness after eating, with ful- ness of the abdomen, almost to bursting. Burning in the stomach is also increased. This heaviness is very characteristic, and is noted likewise in the abdomen, which seems to hang heavily; also in the head, which feels as heavy as lead. The burning is attended with a creeping feeling up to the throat. In Lachesis, the fulness and press- ure is as from a load, and the sense of repletion induces lowness of spirits. There is, also, a feeling as if a lump were forming in the stomach and also in the bowels; burning, with hard abdominal disten- sion, and a feeling as if a stone was descending; he must stand still or step cautiously. This lump is presumably a part of the Lachesis constriction, which we have so often designated as highly character- istic.

In Carbo veg. the flatus is more rancid, putrid, or, when passed per anum, burning, moist, offensive. Its incarceration with burning is a cause of many of the symptoms, and it is more in quantity than in the snake- poison. It also causes a bearing down upon the bladder and sacral region. Lachesis relieves a gnawing gastralgia, when eating lessens the pain; Carbo veg. cures when there is burning, with a constrictive cramp, bending him double; the pains are paroxysmal and take his breath. The burning spreads up to the chest and down into the abdomen, seemingly following the sympathetic. Tenesmus recti is most prominent in Carbo veg., anal constriction in Lachesis It is this latter symptom which explains, as we have before observed, the ineffectual urging to stool; while in Carbo veg. the urging is fruitless on account of the pressure of flatus. Both have bluish, protruding piles, as after debauchery. This constriction distinguishes them, as do also the headache and diarrhoea In each there is throbbing headache, but Carbo veg. has more of the heaviness, and the diarrhoea is thin. In typhoid conditions, whether the specific fever, or as a sequel to peritonitis, dysentery, etc., Carbo veg. causes the more perfect picture of collapse, while in Lachesis the cardiac debility, drowsiness, cool ex- tremities, etc., indicate failing vitality, but the patient is not so near death as in the former drug. Inthe collapse of Carbo veg. there are tympany; cold legs, especially to the knees; filiform pulse; cool breath; absence of discharges from the bowels; or involuntary, putrid, bloody, purulent diarrhoea. In hernia, Carbo veg. has anxiety, as in Arsenic, but with uneasi- ness rather than restless change of place; and it resembles Lachesis in the annoyance of the clothing, foulness of the parts, if strangulated, etc. There is, however, more meteorism and foetid flatus.

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