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Semen cinae, Semen santonici, Artemisa contra, wormseed
Adolph Lippe, MD writes: Piteous complaints and weeping.
Ill-humor; the child is averse to being caressed and rejects everything which is offered.
The child will not be touched.
Disposition to be offended by trifling jests. YELLING.
Epileptic attacks, especially at night, with or without consciousness, lying on the back; violent screams and violent jerks of the hands and feet.

The body is stretched out and becomes rigid.
Dull stitches in different parts of the body.
Twitching and distortions of the limbs.
Suitable for children, especially when they suffer from worms.
When touched, or when moving, the body feels sore.
External pressure renews or aggravates the suffering.
Bad effects from onanism (eyes).
Aggravation at night; on looking fixedly at an object; from external pressure.
Hahnemann writes in Materia Medica Pura for whooping cough
some types of intermittent fever accompanied by vomit and
ravenous hunger…
James Tyler Kent writes Cina is pre-eminently a child’s remedy, but it is suitable for conditions in adults that are seldom thought of. A marked feature running through is touchiness, mental and physical. the patient likes to be carried like chamomilla.
screams and trembles with anxiety
The Cina child cannot be combed,
always better over his tummy. and pains bettered by moving
his head to one side to the other. the objects look yellow
Beatriz H Hill, Medicina Homeopatica behhill

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