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Water Hemlock,
SPASMS, CLONIC bending of the head, neck and spine backwards
are its key note.
Manifest a cerebral-spinal irritability where the whole nervous
system is in such a state. Convulsions that come from the center
of the chest to circumference, the head, face and eyes are fist
affected, An aura felt in stomach gives warning of the convultion.
CATALEPSY, in this condition the patient recollects nothing
that took place or that he said during a certain period. He knows
nobody and lies without recognizing anyone. difficult breathing
adn after an attack the body feels insensible, inmovile, loose
of power and consciouness.
SPASMS during labor, convulsions of vermes is kids.
But when asked questions he answers correctly.
The head is drawn back opisthotonos all the limbs are convulsed
and rigid. do to its cerebro-spinal irritabillity has cure Tetanus,
lockjaw, epilepsy, epileptiform convulsions.
DESIRES; strange articles like coal, raw potatoes, because
he is unable to distinguish between things edible and things
unfit to eat.
MIND: Dislikes society, desires to be alone, CHILDISH
shouts, sings, dances, likes toys, jumps about like a little
child lamenting and lies in bed wailing, with great agitation,
the cicuta children grasps at mother’s clothing in a frightened
manner. Child rolls head from side to side.
VERTIGO, vertigo walking, things turn around in circles.
Head as if the brain were loose on walking.
Glassy fixed eyes, nose sensitive to touch, throat spasms
after swallowing a fish bone or stik which lodges in the
throat and a spasms comes on. After cicuta spasms will
cease the the fish bone can be removed.
By Beatriz H Hill

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