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It is very important to have in mind the general action and
characteristics of the spider group
their sphere of action
1. Nervous system , motor nerves of spinal cord affected
produces symptoms like chorea, hysteria and involuntary movements.
2. Cardiovascular system. constriction of circular muscle fibers and
Cardiac muscle fibers, action on papillary muscles of heart
through spinal nerves produces murmurs
3.Arteries constriction of blood vessels.
4. Haematotoxic actions and destruction of blood vessels.
1, Periodicity
2. Side affinity
3. Chilliness and coldness, almost all spiders remedies are chilly or cold
except: Aranea scinencia that has intolerance to warm wheather and
< warm room. 4. Sexual complaints like increased desire, nymphomanía and chordee. 5. Angina pectoris, vilnet pains in chest radiating to neck and shoulders. 6. Chorea and convulsions 7. Lymphangitis 8. sleep disorders 9. Palpitations and changes in circulation Except Aranearum Tela, that has low pulse rate. Laterodectus katipo, almost pulse less very slow 12-14 min. 10.Fear of apprehention and anxiety. 11.Restlessness 12.Twitching of muscles and other nervous sysptoms 13.Depression and sadness 14. Septic conditions 15. Amel. by smoking 16. Husteria 17. Intercostal neuralgia 18. Irritability, anger and excitement. 19 Affections of bones caries and necrosis 20 haemorrhagic tendency The spider bites are very unpleasant. is a neurotoxin which causes paralysis, muscle cramps and severe pain. Breathing becomes difficult and victims run a high fever. Each spider has peculiar and particular symptoms, Beatriz H Hill

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