Characteristic Peculiarities of LACHESIS

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Lachesis appears to act principally on the left side, particularly in “apoplectic paralysis,
-sore throat, eruptions and pain* in the limbs.

*Aggravation of the symptoms in damp weather. “Exhaustion and weariness from excessively cold or warm weather.
*Aggravation of the symptoms during rest, amelioration during motion, -except the intense inflam matory rheumatic pains. Evening-exacerbation. *Exacerbation after every sleep, in the day or night. “The curative action is disturbed by acids, wine of beer, particularly, however, by emotions, fright, mortification, listening to tales of murder, etc.

*Typical recurrence of the aggravations. A number of tht pains terminate in catarrh.

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