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Borland D.M. Children Types IV- Nervy types

First there is hyperaesthesia, over-sensitiveness to noise,and
to pain, ever still always restless the child goes from one
person to another is never completely still, never at peace.

The Cham. pains are more intense more than any other
pains from which patients suffer, they have an absolute
frenzy of rage, they resent it, they resent having pain,
and they are furious that the doctor has not cleared it of
at once.

The chamomilla child will strike at you because
it is hyperesthetic. At night is liable to scream and
stamp when disturbed, or during night mares, this child
is never still, never satisfied with anything it is doing.

The Cham child will be liable to be particularly troublesome
at 9 pm, and a constant factor is they get more excitable
as the day goes on, more irritable, more difficult to manage.
They often are impossible after they are put to bed
until midnight. These children who get into fury tend to get
flushed, with red races and hot heads, but the Cham child
will get flushed on one side of the face. It is a mistake
to give cham. to any teething child, the indications for it
are quite definite.

A teething child who needs Cham. tends
to get much more fractious at night and to have very
swollen, inflamed, tender gums, and they tend to be
one sided with a marked flush on that side of the face.
worse with hot and better with cold applications.
worse in hot room, and the toothache pains of Cham.
have entirely different modalities from the other pains,
they are liable to get bouts of diarrhea, with typical green
stool, colic and diarrhea with irritability they scream the
place down, children hot blooded, hot heads, hot and
aweaty, burning hot feet which they push out of bet at night.

They are ungoverned children that in a tantrum of temper
can get into such a state that it gets blue in the face and
starts convulsions from pure RAGE. so be careful handling
the Cham.

Chamomilla good for otitis in children with
extremely painful condition, and in most cases the child
does not want to be touched, irritable, screaming with pain.
They better being carried up and down, Cham. has
cleared more acute otitis in small children than any other
single drug and without any puncture of the drum.But be sure
has all the make ups of Cham or otherwise will not work.
The nervous system has to be all on the fret, and child
has to be irritable and touchy. all these babies get worse
from exposure to cold getting otitis media

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