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Another class of conditions which are of great importance to watch in prescribing are Conditions of Time.

It is well known that some complaints are worse at certain hours of the day or night, and very often this condition is of as much importance from the prescriber’s point of view as the symptom itself. A very common symptom in connection with many diseases is a ” sinking,” ” empty ” sensation, occurring at times when the patient would not ordinarily be hungry.

Now many remedies have caused this sensation, and among them is Sulphur. But the time when the Sulphur sensation is most marked is from 1 1 a.m. to noon. Other medicines have the same peculiarity but not so markedly at this hour; when a ” sinking ” sensation is complained of at about 11 o’clock, Sulphur will be the most likely remedy to relieve the whole condition.

A very characteristic time of aggravation has been noticed in connection with Lycopodium and this is from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. or to 8 p.m. When this particular time of aggravation appears in any complaint, the likeness to the time-aggravation of Lycopodium will give a very strong point, indeed, in favour of that remedy being the right one ; and if other symptoms correspond it must be given.

Conditions of motion or rest, of heat or cold, are other points of importance in the “likeness” between remedies and cases, which the homoeopath has to take into careful account in making his prescriptions.

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