CASE STUDY: 20150715

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S. P. has been sick ten days with rheumatic fever ; at present the knees and ankles are chiefly involved, being swollen, red and painful to touch ; besides this he complains of acute stitching pains in the region of the heart. Upon examination, friction sounds were found and a distinct mitral murmur ; this was of recent origin. Attending there is headache, insomnia, sour sweats, coated tongue, and constipated bowels, with scant, dark urine.

As the patient had become worse under the use of Rhus tox. and Digitalis, a change of remedies was desired.

Upon inquiry it was learned that he was habitually ” bilious,” had an enlarged liver and a sallow complexion. He had a history of two attacks of dysentery in youth, also a fractured femur later in life ; had rheumatism three years ago, confining him four weeks. With this record as a basis


was given. In twenty-four hours the head and heart symptoms were much relieved. In two days a copious diarrhoea was established, which was not interfered with ; it continued for a week. It seemed to remove all traces of valvular lesion as well as of the rheumatism.

Ten days later he was attending to business.

What was the remedy?

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