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Taciturn, indifferent to everything. Taciturn, obstinate and peevish. Repugnance and ill-humour, or crying. He reproaches others with their faults, even trifles. He is offended by the least trifle, even in the midst of jesting. He gets angry easily. He imagines he is overwhelmed with business, this makes him restless. Tendency to start. Capricious ; at times he laughs continually, at times he weeps. Jests, humorous speeches He is contented, joking, hums a tune, and nevertheless inclines to get angry from the least cause. Anguish, he imagines he will die. Want of disposition to work or think. — Home -sickness, with redness of the cheeks.

Intoxication. When waking from sleep, his head feels stupid, as if he” did not know himself. Dizziness of the head, early in the morning, when waking. Feverish chills and coldness, with anxiety, sense as of reeling
and dulness of the head, a sort of awkwardness, she knocked against everything. Vertigo, staggering from side to side. Increased acuteness of all the senses, (curative effect). Inability to think. Fatigue of the mind after the least exertion. Languor of the mind, inability to conceive an idea clearly. Confusion of thought, absence of mind.

Headache, as if the skull would burst, when moving the head or when walking. Beating, throbbing headache in one of the temples. Beating headache in the forehead. Aching in the temples. Aching in the forehead, with pressure from the occiput to the forehead, accompanied by a cutting pain from the occiput (immediately). Continual aching in the forehead, above the root of the nose, with occasional stitches through the ear and over the eye.

Pain on the left side of the lower jaw, as if there were a tumour or an ulcer, for three quarters of an hour.

Pimples ou the inner side of the cheeks. Pimples on the tip of the tongue, with stinging pain when touched. —

Feeling of dryness on the forepart of the tongue, without thirst, early in the morning. Absence of thirst. Tenacious mucus in the mouth. Taste in the mouth, as of putrid water. Flat, insipid taste, as of
clay, (for instance : of the butter). Watery, flat taste in. the mouth, afterwards’ heartburn. Heartburn. Rising from the stomach only when walking, every eructation being accompanied by a stitch in the side, no eructation when sitting, therefore no stitch. Acrid, sourish taste in the mouth. Sour taste in the mouth. The broth tastes sour.

Flat sensation in the stomach. Coldness in the stomach ; sensation as if cold water were in the stomach, afterwards
sensation as if it were trembling. Want of appetite, although food tastes well to him. Frequent yawning after a meal. Desire for coffee. Inclination to vomit, and spitting, after taking coffee. Inclination to vomit. Qualmishness and inclination to vomit, in the pit of the stomach, early in the morning and after-
noon. Pressure in the pit of the stomach, with inclination to vomit. Fulness and anxiousness in the chest, after a meal, afterwards sour risings or heartburn, finally loose stool. Stool and redness of the cheeks, immediately after dinner. Burning over the pit of the stomach, immediately after a meal. Burning in the stomach, extending into the mouth, after breakfast. Aching in the pit of the stomach. Pain in the pit of the stomach, pinching, boring from within out- wards, especially when sitting bent. Burning, with sense of swelling in the re-
gion of the stomach.

Pain, deep in the abdomen, more burning than stinging, accompanied by cutting in the umbilical region, during motion, especially when stooping or walking, with desire to weep, ill-humour, apprehensiveness, and sweat in
the face. Oppressive tension in the abdomen, especially the epigastric, region, between the pit of the stomach and the umbilicus, increased by motion and accompanied with tension and pressure in the lower part of the back. Distention of the abdomen, two hours after a meal ; afterwards headache, dartings in the direction of the occiput, and frequent sweat. Tensive pain from the abdomen towards the chest, as if caused by distention of the abdomen. Distention and hardness of the abdomen, she was unable to bear tight clothing. Sensation as if the abdomen were distended unto bursting, producing a suffocative arrest of breathing. Rumbling in the abdomen upwards and downwards. Pinching in the epigastrium. Pressure under the short ribs and in the pit of the stomach,
Hard, pushing, almost sticking pain in a small spot of the left iliac region. Pressure in various places of the abdomen. Pinching- aching pain in the abdomen, immediately after a meal, with incarceration of flatulence. ° Colic, as if from flatulence. Painful movements of flatulence in the abdomen. Unusually strong pulsations of the abdominal vessels. Increased warmth of the intestinal canal. Painless rumbling in the abdomen. Painful flatulent distention in the abdominal ring.

Spasmodic contraction of the neck of the bladder, with cutting pain. Tenesmus of the bladder ; frequent, but unsuccessful desire to urinate. The urine is emitted in drops, as if it were poured over the urethra occa-
sionally, (immediately and for along time). Burning urine. — Burning, smarting pain in the urethra, after micturition. Burning in the orifice of the urethra, immediately before, during and after micturition. Pain in the urethra, especially in the forenoon. Fine stinging in the orifice of the urethra, immediately after
micturition. Prickings or violent stitches in the anterior portion of the urethra, between the acts of urinating. Cutting pain in the urethra, between the acts of micturition, from before backwards. The urethra is painful to the touch. The urine deposits a white sediment.

Continual pressing and prickling in the glans, especially morning and evening. — Coldness of the scrotum, and impotence. Drawing pain in the spermatic cord, and crampy pain in the testicle, during emission of urine,
and some time afterwards. Violent erection, early in the morning, when rising, which can only be subdued by cold water. Excessive trembling of the whole body, when dallying with a female. Purulent discharge from the urethra.
Gonorrhoea (from wearing on the bare abdomen a linen bag, which was filled with the berries of Caps, baccatum). Pressure in the pit of the stomach, with inclination to vomit, during the menses. — Discharge of fetid mucus from the vagina. Coldness of the scrotum and impotence. — dwindling of the testes to the size of a bean, extinction of the sexual instinct, emaciation, falling off of the beard and weakness of sight.

Constant yawning. — Sleep full of dreams. Sad dreams of past things. — Dreams full of contrarieties. His sleep is interrupted by screams and startings, as if he were falling down from a height. He snores when asleep, as if he could not get any air through the nose and his breathing were arrested. He is wide awake in the night, and is unable to sleep.

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