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The sapnish fly
Friendly but crazy
Anxious without knowing why, violent mood and contradictory < afternoon. Expression of extreme suffering. Dry lips without thirst.
Nephritis, inflammatory conditions, violent or acute, rapidly destructive mucous and serous membranes.

Belongs to animal kingdom and finds its most prominent sphere of action in exciting the animal passion. Sex mania, sensual, erotic, love frenesi, Big sensuality and eroticism fiery sexual desire.

Stool reddish mucous stools like scraping of intestine.
hot, burning pains with extreme sensitiveness all over the body.

Allen H.C. Keynotes and Characteristics Materia Medica:
Constant urging to urinate, passing but a few drops at a time, which is mixed with blood. stool passage of white or pale, red, tough mucus, like scraping from the intestines, with streaks of blood.
Sexual desire increases both sexes, preventing sleep., violent priapism, with excessive pain.
Tenacious mucus in the air passages.

Skin: Vesicular erysipelas, vesicles all over the body which
are sore and suppurating.
Erythema from exposure to sun’s rays or sunburn
Relations similar to Apis, Ars, Equis, Mer.
Chauhan R. K. Expressive Drug Pictures of M.M.
The patient whether male or female has severe burning
sensation and the urine is hot.
In case of burns affecting the skin, application of solution
of Cantharis will reduce the burning and wound will be
healed early. The burning sensation while urine passes drop by drop the patient has to exert pressure for urination.
Cantharis is a major proven remedy for kidney stones. This remedy arrests the burning in urethra and also helps in
dilution of the stone for its passage in urination.diseases when urine is suppressed or does not pass out,
this remedy should be used and will give good results,
Ready made ointment of this remedy is available in the market and can be used on burnt shin or part.
In kidney affection this remedy is considered most effective.
Beatriz H Hill

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