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There are two species of the Cannabis, or Hemp, recognized in our Materia Medica— the Indica and the Sativa.
Their difference, however, is rather in their physiological action than in the botanical characteristics, and these are undoubtedly owing to locality and cultivation.


Moaning and crying. Great anguish and despair. Great apprehension of approaching death. Horror of darkness. Incoherent talking. Stammering and stuttering. Exaltation of spirits, with great gaiety and disposition to laugh at the merest trifle. Full of fun and mischief, and laughs immoderately. Exaltation of spirits, with excessive loquacity. Uncontrollable laughter, till the face becomes purple, and the back and loins ache. Laughs indiscriminately at every word said to him.

He begins a sentence, but cannot finish it, because he forgets what he intended to write or speak. Imagines he is gradually swelling, and that his body is becoming larger and larger. Inability to recall any thought or event, on account of the number of different thoughts crowding on his brain.

He fancies he hears numerous bells ringing most sweetly. Imagines he hears music, shuts his eyes, and is lost for some time in the most delicious thoughts and, dreams..

“While listening to the piano he loses consciousness, and is seemingly raised gently through the air to a great height, when the strains of music become perfectly celestial; on regaining consciousness his head is bent forward, his neck is stiff, and there is a loud ringing in his ears.

His mind is filled with ridiculous speculative ideas. Constantly theorizing. His head feels very heavy, he loses consciousness, and falls.

He could not read, partly on account of dreamy spells, and partly because he had not full power of vision.
Fixed ideas.

Every few moments he would lose himself, and then wake up, as it were, to those around him. He was in constant fear that he would become insane.


Vertigo on rising, with, a stunning pain in the back part of his head, and he falls. Fullness in the forehead, as if it would burst.
Burning pain in both temples. Heavy insurmountable pressure on the brain, forcing him to stoop.

Severe stitch in the right temple, gradually changing to a pressing pain. Aching in both temples, most severe in the right.
Throbbing, aching pain in the forehead. Dull, drawing pain in the forehead, especially over the eyes.


Twinkling, trembling, and glimmering before the eyes. Jerking in the external corners of the eye and eyelids.
Fixed gaze. While reading the letters run together.


Noise in the ears like boiling water. Periodical singing in his ears, that always ceased as soon as he came to himself, and renewed itself whenever a dreamy spell came on. Aching in both ears. Sensitiveness to noise.

He looks drowsy and stupid. Wearied, exhausted appearance. Coldness of the face, nose, and hands, after dinner.
Profuse sticky sweat standing out in drops on his forehead.

Dryness of the mouth and lips; the lips are glued together. White, thick, frothy and sticky saliva.

Appetite and Taste.

Increased appetite; every article of food is extremely palatable. Ravenous hunger, which is not decreased by eating enormously; he ceases eating only from fear of injuring himself.

Aching in both kidneys, keeping him awake at night. Sharp stitches in both kidneys. Burning in the kidneys. Urinating frequently, but in small quantities. Urine dribbles out after the stream ceases. He has to force out the last few drops with his hand.

He has to wait some time before the urine flows. Urging to urinate, but he cannot pass a drop.

Genital Organs.

Itching and burning of the scrotum. Satyriasis; violent erections; priapism; chordee. Excessive venereal appetite, with frequent erections during
the day. Erections while riding, walking, and also while sitting still; not caused by amorous thoughts.


Oppression of the chest, with deep, labored breathing. He feels as if suffocated, and has to be fanned. Anguish, accompanied by great oppression; ameliorated in the open air. Pressing pain in the heart, with dyspnoea the whole night.

Pain across the shoulders and spine, forcing him to stoop, and preventing him from walking erect.

Lower Extremities.

He is unable to walk up stairs, on account of an almost entire paralysis of the limbs, with stiffness and tired aching in
both knees. Entire paralysis of the lower extremities.

Numb feeling of the sole of the left foot, then of the foot, increasing to a numbness of the whole limb. On attempting to walk he experienced intensely violent pains, as if he trod on a number of spikes, which penetrated the soles of his feet and ran upward through his limbs to his hips,
worse in the right limb, and accompanied by drawing pains in both calves; these pains forced him to limp and cry out in agony.

Shooting pains in the joints of the toes of the left foot, worse in the great toe.

Aching and stitching pain in the ball of the left big toe.

Pricking and aching in the joints of the big toe of the left foot.


Excessive sleepiness/ day sleepiness. Starting of the limbs while sleeping, which awoke him, when he feared he would have a tit.
Grating and grinding of the teeth while sleeping.

He wakes before midnight overcome with dreadful sensations; imagines he is going to be choked; cries and moans for some time, when all the objects in the room appear double their respective sizes, and he falls asleep again. Nightmare every night as soon as he falls asleep. Dreams of dead bodies; prophetic dreams. Voluptuous dreams, with erections and profuse seminal emissions.

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