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Hahnemann says:”The action of this substance is very puzzling, and difficult of investigation, even in the healthy organism because its primary action, more frequently than with any other remedy, alternates and becomes intermixed with vital reaction, and in Hahnemann M.M. says it takes
away the violent effects of a lot of plant remedies and even animal remedies.

Kent says the camphor bottle is a great mischief in the house as camphor antidotes most of our remedies, but suitable in some acute complaints with
nervous excitement, convulsions or coldness and exhaustion.
Camphora, pictures a state of collapse, Icy coldness of the whole body, sudden sinking of strength, pulse and small and weak, great anguish, mania to dispute, confusion of ideas.

After operations if temperature is subnormal, low blood pressure(3 doses of camphora 1x, 15 minute intervals) it is characteristic of Camph. that the patient WILL NOT COVER, notwithstanding the icy coldness of the body.
one of the main remedies in Shock. with sensitiveness
to cold and to touch,
As a heart stimulant for emergency use of camphor is the most satisfactory remedy. Drop doses on sugar as often as every five minutes.

Extreme restlessness, cracking of joints, epileptiform convulsions, Camphor has a direct relationship to muscles and fascia, use it distention of veins.

Camphora allies, Cuprum, Teret, Secale, Ars., Veratrum Carbo v, Op., Hyosc, Stram, Alcohol. in the mental state there is anxiety and extreme FEAR,
fear of persons, of strange spheres, of the dark, and filled with imaginary spectres, he dare not get out of bed in the dark, and afraid of their own thoughts.

Complementary to Cantharis and antidotal to each other.

Camph. suitable to females of a feeble constitution, subject to leucorrhoea, colds on the chest or in the head, or catarrhal discharges generally, with pale, loose and cold skin, sensitiveness to open or cold air, indifference to sexual intercourse, little enjoyment during intercourse.

Homeopathic Recorder: for asphyxia neonatum. Camphora brings often relief in cold, cyanotic children, with much mucus in the trachea, pale, distorted and sunken face. with irritability and insensibility to touch.

Master FJ, Homeopathy in Cancer specially indicated in CANCER when pain and fetor are present Keep camphora away where you stock homeopathic remedies.

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