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Wonder of the garden, Marygold
Tinture of leaves and flowers. Wounds and Ulcers
A vulnerary remedy, especially for suppurating wounds,
is the Homeopathic antiseptic, to restore and vitalize all lacerated and infected wounds, and it will not produce inflammations or aggravations that will worsen the area
of the open wound, so we can use it in open wounds.
Mind easily becomes irritable, and fearful, sharp audition, intense depression.
Feels bad after hangover, head dullness, very heavy
worse in the morning and after a long illness recovery.Cefalea with a sensation of heat after
eating. Heat flushes on forehead,< night.
Calendula restores tissues, producing granulation
in open wounds.

Traumatic affections, loss of soft parts when union be affected promotes granulation and prevents excessive suppuration and disfiguring scars. Ulcers irritable, inflamed, sloughing, varicose, painful as if beaten, excessive secretion of pus.
Its pains are like tearing pains, like a open flesh wound,
very painful, sore<morning, redness around the area, nervousness, with sensible auditive
sharpness. Sleepiness with ill temper and delirio, restless at night, wakes up’ easily, thirst with frequent urine at night, chills and fever better by walking or complete and perfect rest, but must of all, a great remedy for all types of
infected ulcers, give the remedy not only as an
homeopathic remedy in very bad ulcers where the
totality of the symptoms match,
Use the tincture or Infusion of the plant to clean and
wash the affected area and will do wonders.
Beatriz H Hill, Medicina Homeopática behhill

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