Calcarea phosphorica

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Child, 18 months old; had cut but two lower lateral incisors and the molars of lower and upper jaw. Thin; poorly nourished; “pigeon-breast” chest; hard to learn to walk; general lack of bony development. Calcarea phos, three times per day, thirty powders, corrected nourishment.

Did not see the case again for three months, when I hardly recognized my scrawny patient. Had now all the incisors, the molars and the “stomach” teeth were beginning to show.
C. R. Vogel, M. D.

Is the chief remedy in teething disorders, to supply material for the bony structure of the tooth. Too late or retarded teething. All ailments
during teething if traceable to deficiency of lime. Open fontanels; slow in learning to walk; convulsions and spasms during teething.