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Egg-shell roasted.
This remedy has all the properties of calcarea carbonica
ostrear (Calc-carb.) but has not been used so often as the
other, but works wonders when hands are full of warts.
Also for simple soft leucorrhea.
Dorsalgia, as if the body was teared apart in two.
and do not forget the calcarea characteristics for the totality.
Backache, as if broken in two, is a keynote. (Clarke J.H.
Dictionary of Practical Hom.)
The Homeopathic recorder, 1910, No.8 writes: In cases
where women suffer with the broken back symptom in
leucorrhea and no remedy is as certain in its action.
the indication of this drug is a feeling as if the spine
were broken and either wired or tied together with a
string. dose ten grains of the 3X
Murphy R. Homeopathic Remedy Guide writes
Calcarea ovi testae, in General Cancer diseases, genitalia
female cancer. and effective in controlling suffering from
Beatriz H Hill

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