Calcarea Muriatica Homeopathic Remedy Benefits

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The Calcarea Muriatica homeopathic remedy (aka Calcarea Muriaticum) is derived from Calcium Chloride. A “small” remedy that is not commonly used, Calcarea Muritaica has aspects of both Calcarea remedies and Muriaticum remedies, like Natrum Muriaticum



Psychological Disposition

Calcarea traits such as responsibility and the need for structure are present in this remedy.

From the Muriatica side, this remedy shares similar aspects as well.

People who need this remedy view security as a form of connection with others. They are very relationship oriented. They value relationships as a way to protect themselves from other people and conflict.

Calcarea muriatica people are also very introverted and not so demonstrative. Until they establish a safe and close connection with another, they tend to be more to themselves.

They also have a strong attachment to their mother, since for them this the ultimate form of connection which translates in security. Calcarea muriatica can also have a strong attachment to mothering

Calcarea muriatica also is very self conscious. They constantly tend to wonder what will people think of them. This forms the basis of their need for security and need for their mother/mother-like figure as protection.


Key Symptoms

Look for these unique psychological and physical symptoms when considering to use this remedy:

  • delusion that he/she has been poisoned.
    craving for salt.
    egg white mucus/congestion.
    premenstrual urticaria.
    desire for cheese.
    swollen thyroid glands.

Acute Uses

Calcarea muriatica is very useful for the following acute cases:

  • boils.
    glandular swellings.
    ringworm of scalps.



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