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Mrs. H. lost her second child at five months by miscarriage. I warned her that when she again became pregnant to take extra care, and at the first symptom of miscarriage to call me at once. One morning about a year later I received the call. I found her suffering with labor pains, and on examination the mouth of the uterus was found to be dilating. I left her Kali phos. and Ferrum phos.

She was seven months pregnant and I feared the worst. I called again in the evening and found the symptoms worse and the pains coming more frequent. Without much hope of accomplishing anything, I changed the Ferrum to Calcarea fluor. She told me afterward that she had only one more pain after
taking the remedy, and she went safely to full term.

The chief remedy to “tone” up the contractile power of the womb.
The principal symptoms calling for its use are flooding and the excessive “bearing-down” pains.

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