Calcarea Fluorica Homeopathic Remedy: Chronic & Acute Uses

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The Calcarea fluorica homeopathic remedy is derived from the original chemical compound of fluoric acid and lime. 

The fluoride part of the compound makes a superficial hardness with no resilience.

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Calcarea Fluorica Homeopathic Remedy Affinities:

Homeopathic Calcarea fluorica has affinities to several parts of the body. This includes the:

  • veins.
  • glands.
  • elastic fibres.
  • periosteum.
  • bones, teeth.
  • throat, larynx, and thyroid.



The Pathological Need For Glamour & Structure

People typically needing this remedy have a pathological need for glamour and structure.  They”ll stick with any kind of construct, lifestyle, relationship, or situation that gives them these two things.

Once the Calcarea fluorica – type person isn’t getting the glamour and structure desired , then he or she leaves and latches on to another person, place, or thing that will provide these glamour and structure.

The glamour that the Calcarea fluorica personality seeks is a superficial, false glamour that translates into a sense of entitlement. There’s no depth behind, and it’s “for show.” They may even spice up this superficial glamour with odd things or behavior.

It can even get to the point where they have a strong focus on sexuality.

At the same time, they crave material structure in their life. They feel most secure in a gated community or area. The glamour also adds to their structured protection, as it acts as an illusion of hardness that merely suppresses more serious issues that they do not want to face. They feel less fearful because of this.

Without the superficial and materialistic glamour and structure in their life, they then experience hopelessness, depression. They feel a need to give up on everything.


Physical Health Issues

Most physical ailments that Calcarea fluorica people deal with revolve around two issues:

  • hard parts of the body become soft or weak.
  • soft parts of the body are hard and uncomfortable.


Teeth, Bones, Nails

We can see this very commonly in the teeth. Calcarea fluorica teeth can undergo early decay or be too shiny. There may be issues with dentition and lack of enamel. For babies, they may have baby teeth coming on too early. 


The bones and nails may experience similar issues as well. This remedy is also great for bone spurs, severe curvatures of the spine such scoliosis, and bone tumors or cysts. 



They may also experience pain and hardness in the  glands, tonsils, as well as the nodes in the breasts.

There may also be swellings and hard nodes in the ligaments, muscles, and tendons.




Muscle Movement Complications

Calcarea fluorica is a wonderful remedy for ailments of athletes (gymnasts, dancers, etc.) due to overstretching of the ligaments, muscles, and joints.

can have laxity of ligaments and muscles resulting in a jerky gait with exaggerated/clumsy movements



Other Notable Physical Ailments:

An unique indication for Calcarea fluorica is when the person has horizontal cracks on his tongue. 

Calcarea fluorica is known to work great for:

  • fibroids.
  • uterine growths.
  • varices.
  • skin cracks.

People needing this remedy tend to feel warm.



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