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Common names: Chinese´╝ÜSh├® Bian Zhu (ÞøçÚסµƒ▒, Column of snake-like rope)
English: Queen of the Night, Night-blooming Cereus, Large-flowering Cactus, Sweet-scented Cactus, Vanilla Cactus, Lunar Flower, Large Blooming Cereus, Large flowered torch thistle, Large-flowered Night Cactus
French: reine de la nuit, princesse de la nuit, fleur d’amour
German: K├Ânigin der Nacht, Schlangencereus, Schlangenkaktus
Japanese: Gekka Bijin (Beautiful woman under the moon)
Malayalam: Nisha Ghanthi(Nishagandhi)(Fragrance of the Night).
Spanish: Reina de las Flores, Reina Gigante, Cardon,

Constrictions, contractions and congestions run through Cactus. There is never an equal circulation of blood in the body.
Constrictions felt about the heart, constrictions felt about the throat, the oesophagus, causing a spasm; in the vagina causing vaginismus and preventing coition. In the uterus it produces the most violent cramps.
It is a reedy very useful in gouty constituitions; very useful in acute inflammatory rheumatism.
Various efforts have been made by prover’s and by patients to describe the constrictions of the heart. it is sometimes described “AS IF GRASPED WITH AN IRON HAND”.
The pains in cactus are violent, no matter where they occur. They compel the patient to cry out, and the pains are clutching pains.
The mental state is that of fear and distress.The patient has not seen such suffering and he does not see what it can all mean.Fear is depicted on his face. There is no anxiety as we find in Aconite.
It is a remedy for the cure of Haemmorhoids; the relaxation of the great portal system, and the lower veins in the rectum, the haemmorhoidal veins.
All complaints, constrictions, fever with chills all come at 11:00 clock morning or in the evening.
Boericke mentions
Heart: Endocarditis with mitral insufficiency together with violent and rapid action. Acts best in the incipiency of cardiac incompetence. Heart weakness of arterio-sclerosis. Tobacco heart. Violent palpitation; worse lying on left side, at approach of menses. Angina pectoris, with suffocation, cold sweat, and ever-present iron band feeling. Pain in apex, shooting down left arm. Palpitation, with vertigo; dyspnœa, flatulence. Constriction; very acute pains and stitches in heart; pulse feeble, irregular, quick, without strength. Endocardial murmurs, excessive impulse, increased præcordial dullness, enlarged ventricle. Low blood pressure.

1.Lectures on Homeopathic Materia Medica by Kent.
2. Homeopathic Materia Medica by William Boericke, M.D.

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