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Night blooming cereus, proven by John H. Fitch.
For the HEART, its pains are intolerable, patient
screams, with fear to death, with disposition to pray
with dilusion that have committed an unpardonalbe
sin (insania after confinement), difficult to keep attention
fixed, irritable, curses, swears, sad, aprehensive,
tendency to be frightened, and his
KEY note symptoms is “as if a steel coil would be
avoiding all normal movements” and “as if the heart is shrinking
violently and could explode” worse at night,
worse from pressure of clothing, cannot bear contact with clothes,
> undressing and When mental symptoms subsided,
bodily symptoms increse and vice versa. (peculiar)
Desires to be at work, doing something useful.
Dr. Snader considers Cactus when the heart is weak and the
arteries are ateromathous. especially temporal arteries
Sensation as if a swarn if bees were in the pectoral region
to the heart, left side in left great pectoral muscle.
Constrictive pais is throat, chest, heart, bladder, recto, vagina)
worse by touching
soffocation with fainting, pains or neuralgia of glove and eye
orbits, < strong light, perseption of a cluster of orange-coloured spots, round and symetrical. Eczema or arms extending to elbows, Dropsy cardiac and renal origin, left intercostal neuralgia. Anterior crural neuralgia, INSANITY, (after confinement) swears, throws things at persons, gloomy and restless. Itching in right popliteal space "lasted 8-9 years after the proving", itching in left scapula with eczema or herpetic like eruptions, Beatriz H Hill

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