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Red Tail Hawk – or Chickensaw in the USA.

Remedy made of the feather also.

The feathers are considered sacred by American Natives and used in religious ceremonies.

The main idea with this bird is RESPONSIBILITY for the family. They think no body else is responsible for making the family happy or providing them, so they take this responsibility as an obligation and they feel that he/she is responsible for the family happiness and to keep the family together.

The family circle is very very important. They can become irritable. They are not happy because they need to feel freedom, but at the same time caring for them and one day they realize they are trapped doing someone else responsibilities.

Sensible, desires company especially friends, has headaches, typical of the birds, pain in right eye as if will come out.

Dreams of water, Color blue dreams, water warts that look like bird skin after being plucked. They have thin bone structure, they like to migrate, fast metabolism, sharp sight.

Calm, but energetic, feel constriction of energy in their bodies, and have a strong will. They demand a lot from themselves.

Dreams of freedom, thinks he is great person, in the highs he has the power, mental clearness.

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