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Biborato de Sodio, Borax veneta, Natrum biboracicum,
sodium biborate. Na2 B4 10H2 O.
The borax key notes are
1. Extreme sensibility to all noise, with violent excitement.
2. Intolerancia toUPWARD, AND DOWNWARD movements do,
swing, rocking, and the child screams, going downstairs,
put down on bed, when rocked, in a carriage down the hill,
elevators, producing vertigo and fullness in head on
descending any thing < noise. Oversensitive hearing, over anxious, but cures diarrhea, aphtae, rheumatism, infertility, and numerous other complaints when the key note of the remedy is present. In old times used for nursing sore mouth, nipple in mother, feels hot the mouth of the baby and used with honey as a wash, rapidlly as an homeopathic heals sore aphtous mouth. This aphtous conditions of the mouth which tend to all mucous membranes of stomach, intestines, bladder, will make the child scream when before urine comes out. Borax cures genitalia and anus when covered with thes aphtas. Mind: anxiety fidgetiness, sensitiveness are promient in BORAX. This indescribable feeling of nervous exitement is aggravated by apward and downward motion. CHILDREN: OR BABIES with sore mouth< downward motion, rocking or wsinging, will be confused, vertigo comes over and a terror expression in the face, relieved by stool The child great slimy stools are passed day and night keeping a pitiful crying,, probably will be emaciating, and holding head back when crying. MOTHER NURSING BABY: saying my milk is too think, and tastes badly. Borax will normalize and at the beginnng of preg nancy will change the pathology. It is not uncommon that if the mother is BORAX the baby will be a borax baby if both need the same remedy medicate te mother and both will be OK. (Kent) BORAX secretions are white starchy mucus albuminous, leucorrhea like boiled starch, and secretion like so emited from anus. Cures sterility when leucorrea think as starch, inhibits the go through the orifice, and it is peculiar to the remedy given such a state. By BeatrizHHill,

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