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Barium Carbonate BaCO3 Color is variable but is commonly found colorless or white, also blue, green, yellow and red shades of Barite sulfide . Barium carbonate is┬made commercially from barium sulfide either by treatment with sodium carbonate at 60 to 70 degrees (soda ash method) or by passing carbon dioxide at 40 to 90 degrees.

Borland DM Children’s types Group II delayed development.
The Baryta C child are very definite, it is a dwarfish child, dwarfish mentally and physically, do not have standard height, but may be.
the glaring characteristic of this child is that the child is always an excessively shy child, nervous of strangers, scared of being left alone, very often it is terrified in the open fields. night terrors, without any clear idea of what the terror is and they always have a fear of people, they are always touchy, they do not like being interfered with , easily irritated, and throughout their lives they have been late in everything, late in speaking, late in walking, late in dentition, slow in gaining weight, a marked feature is an exaggeration of the normal child’s forgetfulness. They are very liable to get colds, starts with a sore throat, and hypertrophied tonsils with enlarged cervical glands, abdominal
glands with lordosis and a very prominent abdomen.

Tip: a child with an acute tonsillitis it is wiser to give a dose of Baryta muriatica rather than Barc, during the acute phase, and very
often they will need an inter current dose of Psorinum after Bar m, before Bar c. These children tend to get a crusty skin eruption on the head and crusty margins to the eyelids with blepharitis worse after washing. Anshutz EP. Sexual and Diseases writes in his Materia Medica.

BARYTA C, especially useful in the ills of the aged of scrofulous constitution, and for those who have used much liquor.
Apoplexy of the old after consequences of apoplexy, paralysis. Vertigo of the old and of drunkards. Cracking sounds in the ears,when swallowing or chewing, difficult hearing. Chronic catarrh with much yellow hearing. Nose red, upper lips swollen, hungry but cannot eat. voice imperfect, in the aged. Trembling in the aged, irresolution. Suffocative catarrh of the aged. Chronic stiff neck. Legs drag. Impotence, with numb feeling of genitals.
Trembling, paralytic conditions. Face pimples. Fatty tumors of drinkers. feels hidebound. Excessive nervous weakness, knees give away. Taking in sleep of the aged.

Baryta c possesses among its pathogenesis all the symptoms that characterize ulcer of the stomach. In Hahnemann’s record we find ulcerative pain or a feeling of soreness in the stomach after external pressure, or when drawing breath, a painful writhing sensation in the stomach when swallowing a morsel of food, as though the food to be forced through a stricture and came in
contact with sore places. Better with warm wraps.

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