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Clinical.─Breast, cancer of. Bruises. Bubo. Catarrh. Chilblains. Coryza. Eyes, pains in. Glands, affections of. Hay-fever. Hæmorrhoids. Heart, affections of. Indurations. Ophthalmia. Palpitation. Rheumatism. Scrofula. Syphilis. Tibia, pain in. Whooping-cough.

Badiaga is the Russian name for the river sponge, which is a popular Russian remedy. Among the peculiar symptoms and indications are: Headache with aching in backs of eyeballs, 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.; < motion. Severe headache in vertex > night, returning severely after breakfast. Headache with inflamed eyes. Pains in eyeballs extending to head. (J. A. Biegler cured a case with the following symptoms: A lady had for months off and on a severe pain in r. eyeball, which extended to forehead over this eye, then to temple; always < in afternoon.) Scalp sore; dry; itching; scurf; tetters. Soreness is one of the key-notes of the remedy; general soreness of integuments and muscles; as if beaten; very sensitive. Profuse coryza, coming from nostril with a gush. L. cheek and malar bone sore to touch. Lancinating pains in stomach; liver; below scapulæ; urethra; chest. Buboes. Chancres suppressed by cautery. Infantile syphilis. Carcinoma of breast. There is a cough which causes sneezing, profuse coryza. Occasional severe fit of coughing ejecting viscid mucus flying out of mouth; caused by tickling in larynx as if a particle of sugar was dissolving in throat; > in warm room. Tremulous vibrative palpitation < lying r. side. Palpitation after pleasurable emotions. Soreness of anterior muscles of legs; toes bend while walking as if extensors were paralysed. It has lessened a hard cellular swelling of both legs. Sharp stinging back of r. heel, < least pressure. Chronic rheumatism, < by cold, especially in cold air. < Stormy weather. > In warm room; < afternoon. < Pressure and touch: there is general soreness, even to touch of clothes. Sore as if beaten. Headache > at night, after sleep.

Relations.─Compare: Spongia; Seneg. (cough caused by sneezing, opposite of Bad.); Grind. rob. (respiration ceases on falling asleep); Spo. (cough with much sneezing); Kali c. (phlegm flies from mouth); Calc. s. (indurations); Carb. an. (indurations, buboes); Cist. can. (scrofula); Clemat., Hep., Iod., Kali iod., Lach., Merc., Merc. iod., Nit. ac., Sil., Sul. Followed well by Lach. Complementary to Sul., Iod., Merc.

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