Bach Flower Essences for Addiction


Bach flower essences can be pf profound support when dealing with addiction. Some of the keynote remedies are:
Agrimony- for those who turn to drugs avoid their true feelings.
Aspen- for those who turn to drugs to cover the fear of unknown and to dampen sensitivity.
Chestnut Bud- a great remedy for breaking strong habits and repetitive behaviors.
Clematis– this remedy if for those who seek escape from the here and now, to be out of body. This is the one to think when psychedelic drug use is involved especially.
Five Flower Formula/Rescue Remedy– helpful to stabilize the body in cases of overdose and in the beginning of treatment.
Olive– for feelings of depletion and exhaustion from prolonged drug use.
Star of Bethlehem– this is for addiction stemming from trauma. It is also great for physical and psychic burnout from drug use.
Remember recovering from addiction is an involved process. It is best to work with professionals who are trained in recovery and in medicines you are using to recover. It’s best to meet with a Certified Flower Essence Practitioner to get the best formula created for the individual, however this is a great starting point to find what you may need.

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