Bach Flower Essences for Pregnancy

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As you know Bach Flower Essence’s are of incredible emotional support, and what better time to be in a great emotional state than during and after pregnancy.

Of course every essence can provide support but I am going to cover a few of the top ones here. I also have to recommend working with a professional during your pregnancy.

CeratoDeveloping trust in one’s inner knowing. Allowing one to truly go within to see what is the best when choosing prenatal and natal care.

Cherry PlumThis is a great essence for extremely stressful pregnancy’s and labor where one feels “they can’t take anymore”.

Five Flower Formula (Rescue Remedy)– Another great remedy for an extremely stressful or challenging pregnancy or labor.

Gorse– A must have on hand for postpartum depression.

Olive– For fatigue from missed sleep and exhaustion from a long labor.

Red Chestnut– Over anxiousness; worry and over concern during pregnancy. This is also great for women who wish to conceive but have trouble, to assist in removing the worry that it will not happen.

Scleranthus– Inner peace, easing any doubts and indecision during the changes brought on during pregnancy. 

Walnut– Is amazing for any time of transition. It is incredibly helpful in assisting with the different transitions before, during, and after pregnancy. 

Again it is recommended you work with a professional during pregnancy, however this is a great list to give you some guidance on essences to consider.


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