Autumn Ailments - Emotional

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Remedy Key Symptoms Better Worse
Aconite (Monkshood) Extreme anxiety with tremendous restlessness. Symptoms come on suddenly. Anxiety following a strong fright like car accident or earthquake, etc Panic disorders with fear of death. Anxiety for others. Rest, with others Chill
Argentum Nitricum
(Silver nitrate) Anxiety while anticipating and engagement or test. Anxiety when alone. Anxiety in the morning when he wakes up. Feels he cannot face the day. Fear of heights, claustrophobia, flying.
With company
Emotion, shut places, crowds
Arsenicum album (Arsenic) Tremendous anxiety. Fear of death. Very anxious about health. Afraid of germs and contagion. Desire to remain in control at all times.
Heat, warm drinks Midnight-2am, cold food & drinks
Calcarea Carbonica
(Calcium carbonate) Worried about safety, security, home. Anxious about health. Very responsible has a strong sense of duty.
Dry climate and weather Cold, damp weather, exertion
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