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At times we take actions, which rather than daring, tend to harbor more on foolishness.
Let us see some of the rubrics that define such traits.

AUDACITY/AUDACIOUS—The word AUDACIOUS is derived from the Greek character ODYSSEUS from HOMER’S poem ODYSSEY. Odysseus is known to have extraordinary qualities of boldness, daring and courage to venture into places whose outcome is not known. Odysseus was a hero, but audacity does not have an element of heroism. In fact eventually an element of rudeness got attached to it. Audacity is therefore an action that is reckless or recklessly daring.bold swaying towards rudeness.
It is not impulsive as we have seen in the last post. Audacity
again can be both in speech and action. .E;g—.to take liberties with a person of higher rank.
There are about 50 remedies for AUDACIOUS. Some
important ones are….IGN, MEDO, ARN, AUR, CAPS,LYSS, PULS,
There is only one sub rubric, AUDACITY CHILDREN IN and the important

TEMERITY—It is a foolhardy disregard of danger. To do things foolishly
daring E;g to put a hand inside lion’s cage would be an act of
temerity. One is aware of the danger and yet does the act with
disregard. There are only 11 remedies for TEMERITY and they are—AGR,

IMPERTINENT—An action that exceeds the limits of propriety or good
manners is impertinent. Again a bold or daring action but crossing the
limits of ‘manners’. It is impertinent for a child to ‘lecture’ the
adults. Not showing the due respect could be impertinent. Usually
children tend to be impertinent.Has about 19 remedies and some

INSOLENT—An arrogantly rude manner or speech. Has 50 remedies again and some important ones are
There are several sub rubrics to insolence and they are
Acts in—stram,verat
Children in—caust,graph,plat
Explanation from parents always demanding—caust
Laughing at reproof or laughing at reprimands—bar-c,cham,graph
Servants to chiefs of–lyco,nat-mur.

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