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This is a case case of Burkkit’s lymphoma or leukemia.

The purpose of this post here is to get an idea about one of the fastest mode of development of Cancer.

This patient came to my clinic on 12/9/15 for pain and numbness face near the corner of the mouth.On examination of the mouth it was found that the left lower molar tooths are so loose and having decay at the root.Having high temperature ,give an advice to take the loosen teeth once the fever is over.Just the day before he travel nearly 400 KM by self driving his car. On the way he was exposed to rain, and by night could not sleep well and restless due to pain.In between he took a good quantity of hot water. Because of this disposition gave a dose of Rhus tox and asked him to call me next morning.Next morning he called me and stated like this “Oh doctor feel better and I had severe appetite last night and I woke up and had Bread and milk two times”.I asked him to call me next morning also.Next morning he told me that he could not sleep again and had severe chill and temperature. Then I suggested for blood examination,initially he was reluctant to do the same, but I told him that there are many cases of Dengue fever reporting from our area so to exclude Dengue fever we need to get the blood examined. And the report is posted above. We have another common friend who came to the clinic with the report and told me like this” we gave the blood at the lab and drive for 2hours and on way back we had tea from a local tea shop and as feels tired I told him to take rest and that is why I came”He told me that there were some ulcers in the mouth of the patient and some colour changes in the skin.At the lunch break I have been to the house of the patient and took the above mentioned photo shoot ,and showed that to him so that he was such a person who wants to know everything.On examination of the mouth two blisters were found, and little bit of blood drop’s were coming from the root of the teeth.He had several cup of coconut water in between. He feels severe burning at the top of head and want to have cold bath,which I did not allowed,as there was temperature. I advised his wife to put little bit of ice piece over the check and , do not allowed to talk with others so that the bleeding need to be stopped immediately.The immunology test were negative for Dengue, and I told him that we can have another blood test tomorrow to confirm the diagnosis, it seems to me like a case of Dengue fever,as the number of platelets comes down to 70000 and very raised ESR.Please note that the wbc is 9900. I gave Phosphorus 1m one dose diluted in half glass of water to be taken in every 10 minutes for some time and later sac lac and by night his wife informed me that he is getting better.(Bp 200/110at the time of inspection).
Next morning he called me about, 9am and said like this “Doctor I had a good sleep and then wake up at night so that I feet hungry and thirsty and then I took Rice and bread and again slept well”.Again I visited him by 10am and then his BP was 140/90 mm of Hg.In the same time his son arrived at home from Mumbai and then I gave shake hands to him for the fast response the patient had,advised for another blood test and asked the son to bring the reports at the earliest, still there were some bleeding from the root of the teeth.The reports came to me by 1.30 PM and it was found that the platelets comes to 19000and the ESR to 80mm/hour.So I told the son that even though the patient feels better ,as the bleeding persist ,some times there may be a possibility of another continuous bleeding as there is reduced platelets count. So we may have to go for platelets transfusion or blood transfusion. After reaching home the patient called me and said like this” Doctor, I am feeling better and everybody wants to take me to the hospital, your medicine is doing a wonderful job, I may go tomorrow if you suggest”.I told him that I have full faith in our system of treatment but as there is no way to get a blood transfusion set in my clinic, we have to move to a hospital where all these facilities are available.I assured him that he can have Homoeopathic medicine if the hospital authority allow me to do the same. At that time his WBC was again below 10000(please note) So he was shifted to a famous hospital in Cochin.

Two days passed, had platelets transfusion 3-4times a day,they also diagnose the case ,a type of Dengu fever.The platelets count goes up to 25000 and the Hb comes to 9 mg and no other blood changes. From 3rd day onwards oedema appears in his leg’s and hand’s. And then the next day onwards oedema appears more and more and the blood pictures made a dramatic change, the WBC count goes high above45000 and platelets comes down to 22000,Sodium level coming down, even after blood transfusion.So the doctors asked for a bone marrow biopsy and the patient did not want to undertake the same. He told the doctors about me and then they asked him to call me to know my opinion. He called me while sitting with them and the phone was on speaker mode,which I was not aware. T told him that there is no harm in understanding the same, as it is only a test and not a medication. And 3days later diagnosis was made as Mylofibrosis and lymphoma. So he doesn’t want allopathic treatment and doctors agreed to give a Homoeopathic medicine.

In the meantime the relative’s want to take him to Vellur CMC.I was with him at the hospital before he leaves for Vellur. He even tried to laugh at other’s so that he doesn’t want anybody’s sympathy. I spend nearly 2 hours with him .
Once they reached CMC Vellur investigation commenced immediately and in the meantime he used to call me and inform everything on a day to day basis. He was getting worse and after 3 days the final diagnosis came out. Immediately he called me and he said that “Doctor ,I have Burkkut’s lymphoma/leukemia,and I don’t want chemotherapy or radiation therapy or allopathic treatment and I don’t want to live with the support of life savings machine, and I want Homoeopathic medicine immediately”.The doctors also stood with him and family members contacted me and my prescription was sent by what’s up messenger and the medicine collected from Chennai and gave him and then he was shifted to IC and in-between he wanted his son in law to write down the thing’s to be done after his death. In that night by 1.40AM I got a call from Vellur informing the sad news.
The life cycle:-
He was born in a big business family and all his brother’s except elder brother, who is an allopathic doctor and all the sisters were married to business families. His father was so strict about everything and he didn’t want this kind of parental controls and because of that he used to get severe punishment from childhood. Every time he go to the mother and she consoles him.(Carcinocin)
Youth ..
At college he was a hero and the 1st prize winner at University art festival for several years at percussion instruments and an all round performer in sports. He never had any quarrels with anyone. He was there to help others and very sympathize with others. He used to take all kinds of meat specially fried chicken.He was a leader in crisis. (Causticum -phase)
Adult life..
He married from an Orthodox family and had two children and lives in a new house built as per the thachushasthram and it is a Naukett. He started to prakruthi jeevanam (eating natural fruits and vegetables which is made witout any pesticide)at an early age.
A neighbor’s envy as far as other children are concerned. Such a good father and he gave all his love to children and enjoyed all festivals. He was sleepless when children or wife gets unwell.
A lovely husband who made his wife in to an independent one (She was always a depending upon him for everything. Had a healthy lifestyle and sex .Though he was working with several ladies he never took advantage of them and had high respect to women at work.
Being an artist he assisted with filim directions and later took a feature film which was a big hit.Later he shifted to adv films and a leader. He received national awards for best documentary films. Su a perfectionist. Though being a Christian his parents were against studying Chendamelam .He successfully completed it and played at different occasion and later becomes a Master of chendamelams(Carcinocin, Causticum)

Doctor patient relationship..
He was a friend of ours from childhood and adolescence we used to play cricket and formed a club during college days.
Once I visited him at his house and I saw him running around the house , he was doing heavy exercise at the age of 40s.Suddenly I saw him having severe palpitations. My advice to him not to do such heavy exercise at that age brought him to my clinic. He was a regular visitor thereafter. Not for medicine but to check out the BP and for my advice.He wanted to know about many medical treatment and prevention etc Unless I advise the need of medicine ,most of the time he goes back without medicine. His normal BP was 180/100 for the last 20 years. He undertook blood cholesterol, lipid profile RE,KFT platelets tests every 3 months Always normal results. He was advised by his allopathic doctor friends to have allopathic treatment. But he thankfully rejected the offers.
Cancer and the patient…
Myself treated him for 4 days and then there was no trace of cancer cells in his blood.+(WBC-9800 only)It all developed only after allopathic treatment and blood transfusions. It measured in 12days and everything was over in 15 days.

Burkitt lymphoma is a form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in which cancer starts in immune cells called B-cells. Recognized as the fastest growing human tumor, Burkitt lymphoma is associated with impaired immunity and is rapidly fatal if left untreated. However, intensive chemotherapy can achieve long-term survival in more than half the people with Burkitt lymphoma.
Burkitt lymphoma is named after British surgeon Denis Burkitt, who first identified this unusual disease in 1956 among children in Africa. In Africa, Burkitt lymphoma is common in young children who also have malaria and Epstein-Barr, the virus that causes infectious mononucleosis. One mechanism may be that malaria weakens the immune system’s response to Epstein-Barr, allowing it to change infected B-cells into cancerous cells. About 98% of African cases are associated with Epstein-Barr infection.

Outside of Africa, Burkitt lymphoma is rare. In the U.S., about 1,200 people are diagnosed each year, and about 59% of patients are over age 40. Burkitt lymphoma is especially likely to develop in people infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Before highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) became a widespread treatment for HIV/AIDS, the incidence of Burkitt lymphoma was estimated to be 1,000 times higher in HIV-positive people than in the general population.

Friends please give respect to the patient and do not question about his integrity,while making comments. Thank you

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