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Apis. Goaty nodes ; chronic catarrh of stomach with hot and burning sensations; great tenderness to touch; podagra, sensation in toes and whole feet, as if too large, swollen and stiff, especially at night on removing boots ; cold water relieves the pains, the swelling, and burning. Arnica. Grout, with the greatest fear of being struck by persons coming towards him across the room ; painful swelling of the joints, as if it were luxated, with great redness ; in spite of the pains on motion the patient is still very restless ; caused by over exertion or strain ; metastasis to brain. (Arnica : stitching pains, Sabina : burn- ing pains.) Artemisia abrotanum. Painful and inflamed wrist and ankle joints ; joints stiff, with pricking sensation ; ailments after suppressed gout. Benzoic acid. Nodes and gouty concretions on the joints of upper and lower limbs ; cracking in the joints on motion (urates of soda) ; urine very deep red, strong-smelling, and of high specific gravity. China. Contusive pains in joints during the drowsiness in the morning, worse by rest, he must change constantly his position to ease the pains in his limbs, and they disappear when fully awake, accompanied by sensation of weakness and numbness ; tearing, ex- cruciating pains with swelling, sometimes with heat and redness of the big toe, worse from touch and motion, especially during the even- ing and at night ; fever intermits ; anorexia alternating with bulimy, intestinal flatulency, haemorrhoids ; urine red, with brickdust sedi- ment ; asthma, with difficult and whistling expiration ; palpitations ; feet sometimes cold. Colchicum. More a palliative, where the gout attacks many joints, with burning and tearing pains, aggravated by the touch, and at night muscular pains, like torticollis ; lumbago ; tearing pains in the mus- cles and joints ; cedematous swelling, and coldness of legs and feet, with the pain, weariness, heaviness, and inability to move ; urine of sour smell and acid reaction, dark and scanty ; perfect loathing of food ; feeling of muscular weakness. Digitalis. Chronic cases, where the attacks gradually decreased in intensity. Guaiacum. Gouty inflammation and abscess of the knee ; repeated after a fall, with violent pain and loss of sleep ; arthritic lancinations, followed by contraction of limbs ; exhaustion, as after great exertion, especially in thighs and arms ; immovable stiffness of the contracted limbs ; can bear no heat, with pain in joints ; great accumulation of wind in the whole abdomen; pinching in abdomen from incar- cerated flatulence ; receding towards rectum until emitted ; constipa- tion : pyrosis. Kali

Kali bichromicum. Useful in arthritic headaches, lumbago, sci- atica, periostitis. Periodical wandering pains, shooting, pricking ; stiff all over; could hardly move in the morning; audible cracking ARTHRITIS — ARTHROCACE. 43 in the joints on slight motion of the wrists, ankles, and spine, aggra- vated by motion. Ledum. Low, asthenic cases (maltreated by large doses of Col- chicum); lancinating, tearing pains; worse by motion and at mid- night, when joints feel so hot that he throws off’ all covering ; (edema- tous swelling of joint which may feel cold to the touch ; affects chiefly left shoulder and right hip-joint ; habitual gout in the articulations of hands and feet ; ball of great toe swollen and painful ; soles very sensitive; tendons stiff; gouty nodosities in joints; fine tearing pains in toes. Lithium carb. Gout in knees, sides of feet and soles ; ankle- joints pain on walking; profuse urine, with uric acid deposit; pain- ful urination : pain in heart before and at time of urinating ; valvular deficiencies ; worse from mental agitation, which cause a fluttering and trembling of heai’t. Lycopodium. Tophi ; nocturnal pains, ameliorated by heat ; mus- cular contractions ; gravel ; hematuria ; drawing, tearing in the limbs at night and on alternate days ; worse at rest ; muscles and joints rigid, painful, with numbness ; finger-joints inflamed ; also with arth- ritic nodes, swelling of the dorsa of the feet ; better in warmth ; sour eructations ; frequent belching, without relief; pressure in scrobicu- lum ; fulness in stomach and bowels ; tension in liver ; abdominal and renal colic ; constipation. Rhododendron. Arthritic nodes ; paralytic weakness of the limbs, aggravated in rough weather, and rest ; sensation in lower legs and feet as if asleep. Sabina. Red and shining swelling of the big toe, with excessive pains, aggravated by the least touch or slightest motion ; heaviness of the affected limbs ; fever worst in the evening ; wandering pains, burning, affecting one joint after another, especially the big toe and the hand ; relieved by cool applications. She changes her position often to get some relief. Sulphur. For habitual gout, anorexia ; disgust for animal food ; flatulence ; dyspnoea, with desire to take deep inspiration ; urine charged with uric acid ; tophi, with articular crepitation ; cracking in the cervical vertebrae, especially on bending backwards ; stiffness in the neck or back; stiffness in the knee or ankle-joints ; itching pain occurring either on the part affected, or on its neighborhood ; alter- nate constipation or diarrhoea, with excessively fetid stools and of very fetid flatulence.

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