ARANEA DIADEMA: Cross spider, papal cross spider,

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Papal cross spider: The cross spider,
All spiders’ poison powerfully affect the nervous system.
Aranea diadema characterized by Periodicity and coldness
and with a great sensibility to dampnes, its coldness of the long bones as if there were made of ice, especially humerous
and not relieved by anything.
Trifacial nerve pain from periphery inwards, and neuralgic pains
at the same time, same hour, every day, every three days, week month, o regular periods, they are violent and subit attacks and bettered by smoking, or walking fresh air,and the pain is as if an electric battery, or electric sensation.
because of Hydrogenoid constitution has an abnormal sensitiveness to damp and cold, inability to live near fresh water lakes, rivers, etc. or in damp chilly places.
Has a feeling as if parts are enlarged and heavier, wakes up at night with this feeling that his hands are twice as large.
Spleen swollen, after Chinine, although it is the remedy for Malarial Poisoning.
Lots of hemorrhage, neuralgic pains < right side > pressure < menstrual period where women have copious and too early menses.< 12 o’clock at night, intolerable, makes the patient get up of bed. desire to be in constant move when seated,
Suddenly teeth pain when laying down, and intercostal
nerve from nerve ending to spine, fever with coldness and thirst.
Hemoptisis in anemic, Chilly all the time, touching blankets at bet, cannot get warm, < bath, rainy season, being in water, etc. with or with ARANEA DIADEMA Papal Cross Spider
All symptom characterized by coldness and periodicity.
great susceptibility to humidity, with chills, bone chills, and betters with nothing. Sensations as of certain part were growing and heavy. Spleen inflammation.
anormal sensibility to humidity.. confusion better by smoking in open air.. Calcareo pain. Sensation of swollen and all symptoms will appear with coldness and sticky skin. ÔÇö
Beatriz H Hill, Medicina Homeopatica BEHHILL

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