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Familia Ranunculaceae.
European Colombine, Granny’s night cap, the jealousy plant.
Tincture made of the whole wild blooming plant.

In the past used to cure diarrhea, to promote perspiration to help in
child birth, and to alleviate rheumatic pains. A member of the ranunculaeus
family has symptoms similar to aconite when toxicity manifest.
Her seeds used to manufacture aphrodisiac perfumes, and the courtesan
ladies used to chew it so they could make a better job. The roman vestals
(consagrated virgins) were prohibited to get close to this plant.

Externally the pulverized seed macerated with olive oil are good for lice.

Homeopatically for HYSTERIA, the nervous system. Insomnia.
has a feeling of a nail in the head. for woman in the climacteric state with
vomiting a green substance worse in the morning.
HYSTERICAL GLOVE. Dismenorrhea in youngsters.
Beatriz H Hill

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