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Aconite — Acute laryngitis, with hoarseness the re- sult of exposure to cold zvind. Some fever and thirst.

Arum Triph — This remedy has been most useful in the sore throat and hoarseness from public speaking. A sense of rawness in the mouth and throat extending to the nose and larynx, with symptoms of coryza.

Belladonna — In addition to hoarseness the whole throat feels dry and sore, with inclination to swallow, which is quite painful. After cold with throbbing head- ache.

Causticum — Also usefulness in hoarseness of public speakers and singers. Dryness, with loss of voice, cough with scanty, difficult expectortation. Pain and soreness streaks through the larynx with every cough.

Hepar Sulphur — With the hoarseness there is con- siderable mucus in the larynx with cough which is some- times loose and sometimes croupy. Dyspnea and coug’h on the slightest exposure to cold air, generally worse towards morning and after croup — with free perspira- tion.

Phosphorus — Perhaps no one remedy is given so often as Phos. The voice is husky with sense of dry- ness in throat and soreness in larynx, worse in morning.  Dry cough worse on using the voice, laughing or talking, or from cold air.

VERATRUM VIRIDE is one of the best remedies in the Materia medica for APHONIA with burning rawness in the throat.

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