Anxious Alexis has a peculiar symptom during menses,

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Anxious Alexis has a peculiar symptom during menses,
Chatters her teeth from cold and trembling of whole body she senses.
Suffers from stitches behind sternum,esp beneath 7th and 8th rib,
Is it due to dry cough and constant tickling in throat pit ?
Feels pressing and dragging towards rectum and genitals,
As if something was extruding, that’s become pivotal !!
Burning headache in left temple,in a spot as large as silver dollar:
T’is frequent urging to micturate as if ten times in an hour !!
A remedy indeed is needed for Alexis she pleaded,
As soon as it is granted, cure is only expected !!!

Remedy Plss..
Hema 馃檪

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