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Fear of People
Anthropophobia can be best defined as the fear of people in crowded situations, but can also go beyond and leave the person uncomfortable when being around just one person.

In Anthropophobia, the individual might even fear close friends and relatives and perceive them as being threatening as much as a stranger.
The person with the extreme fear of people understands that his/her fear is illogical. In extreme cases the person avoids all social interaction, the only contact being through the electronic communication. People who have anthropophobia experience anxiety and depression.

This fear most often stems from a traumatic experience.

There are support groups to help deal with the situation.
Homeopathy recognizes that these symptoms can be treated and there are marvelous results. When we study a patient with this condition, you should also compare with remedies for Love of Solitude or a feeling of Repugnance to Society.

The remedies that are considered are
Aconite, Anacardium, Cicuta, Conium, Hyocyamus.

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