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Duration of effects: about 40 days.

Predominant effects: Stinging and tearing pains. — Wrenching pain in the limbs; the tendons contracted as if too short. — The right side of the body more affected, than the left. — Exacerbation in the evening.

Restlessness in the whole body in the evening. — An inclination to stretch out the extremities. — Excitation by speaking too long and hearing too much talk.—Great weakness, lassitude and soreness of the limbs, which induces lying down, especially in the evening and when walking in the open air. —Wasting of the body. — Great sensibility to the cold. — Aversion, to walk out.

Vehement itching here and there, and after scratching burning vesicles and pimples. — Lingering miliary eruptions. — Summer-freckles. — Warts. — Corns with a burning, stinging and tearing pain. — Ganglia. — Galling of the skin on young children. — Tumefactions of the glands. — Incurvation of bones.

Sleepiness in the daytime. — Late sleep and sleeplessness, especially when late going to bed. — Nightmare, when falling asleep. — Nausea and agitation of the blood at night. — Frequent frightful awaking and difficulty falling asleep again.

Attacks of chills, during the evening. — Vehement shaking chills before sleep. <—Feverheat in the head and cold feet.

Sadness with lamentation and fearful anxiety, mostly disappearing in the evening. — Anxiety with weakness and nightmare. — Fearfulness. — The weariness of life- — Peevishness in the morning. — Distemper caused by cloudy weather. — Peevish and angry.— Obstinate and disobedient. — Exceedingly merry.

Absence of mind. — Forgetfulness and abstraction of mind. — Misapplying words, miswriting and misreckoning.— Diminished faculty of thinking.

Vertigo, when sitting, or reading, or in the evening, sometimes with nausea.

Headache, with sick stomach, or in the evening, after walking in the open air, or after eating.— Chronic headache.— Pain as if from an abscess in the head, on moving, or pressing upon. — Urging, hammering and knocking in the head and outpressing pain in the forehead, as if the skull would fly open. — Piercing through the brain. — Sensation, as if the brain were loose in the head.

The hair falling off.

Burning in the eyes, with shunning light in the morning. —Sensation of coldness in the eyes. — Hordeolum (stye). — Nocturnal cementing of the eyes by matter.— Dried matter on the eyelids.— Inability to move the eyes. —Ghttering dimness.— Myopia. — Cataracta.— Diplopia. — Black spots and streaks of light before the eyes.

Buzzing in the ears at night, — Humming and tinkling before the ears. — Dysecoia, with itching and suppuration of the ear. —Hard tumefaction of the parotis.

The tip of the nose heavy, as if from congestion, when stooping. — Itching and veins on the nose. — Purulent discharge out of the nose. — Epistaxis in the morning, when washing and after dinner.

The face as pale as death and bloated. — Cracks on the cheek, from the upper-iip to the ear. —Knacking in the joint of the jaw, when chewing. — Itching eruption on the face and on the body, with swollen jugular glands. — Summer-freckles in the face. — Furuncle on the cheek. – Herpetic eruptions about the mouth on the cheek and chin. — Dry rasped lips, with burning.

A toothache, mostly drawing, or racking, or stinging as if an abscess and sometimes extending to the ear and cheek, when compressing the teeth, or in the evening, or on exposure to the air, likewise during menstruation. — Tedious stinging pain in the teeth. — Inflammatory swelling and suppuration of the -mm and liability, to bleed easily.

Swelling of the mouth on the internal surface of the cheeks. — Eruption of blisters in the mouth and on the tongue.

Pain in the throat, in the morning and evening, as if a bit were sticking in it. — Soreness and scratching in the throat.—Swollen tonsils with impeded swallowing. — Spasmodic contraction in the anterior jugular muscles, after drinking.

Taste of blood in the mouth. — Bitter taste, especially in the morning, after awaking. — Continual thirst. — Inability to eat, without drinking. — Strong hunger and appetite.—Want of appetite in the morning.— Soon satiated when eating.— Aversion to milk. — Excessive inclination to sugar. — Heat in the face and dizziness, when eating. — After eating, scratchy heartburn, with nausea.

Suppression or vacant eructation, sometimes sour. — Eructation with a long remaining taste, of what has been eaten. — Nausea and vomiting after every meal, with pressure in the pit of the stomach.

Pressure in the stomach after eating, with nausea and sensitiveness in the pit of the stomach. — Contracting pain in the pit of the stomach when stretching. — The clothes occasion a pressure upon the stomach.

Burning pain in the liver. — Boring stitches in the liver, when sitting.

Visceral pain with diarrhoea. — Contracting cramps in the abdomen with nausea and waterbrash. — Concussive pain in the hypogastrium, when stepping. — Uneasiness in the abdomen. — Pneumatocele in the left inguinal region. — Painful flatulent colic. #

Constipation. — Difficult evacuation.— Tardy hard stool in small lumps. — Soft flux-like stools, preceded and succeeded by cutting visceral pain. — Discharge of blood from the anus during the stool and other times. — Itching on the anus. — Hemorrhoidal tumours, sometimes bleeding.

Urging upon the bladder, with a diminished discharge of urine. — Frequent, copious urinating especially in the evening. — Nocturnal urinating and incontinence in the bed.

Excessive sexual passion, without voluptuous thoughts or erections.—Absence of sexual passion and aversion to the other sex. — Constriction, drawing and heaviness in the testicles, with frequent seminal emissions. — Discharge of prostatic fluid after a hard stool.

Menstruation in too small a quantity and too short, with a discharge of black, acrid blood. — Menstruation, aggravated, or too early. — Before and during menstruation, pains in the small of the back and in the bowels.—During the menstruation, pressure upon the uterus, cutting pain in the bowels, rending in the back and genitals, and urging to lie down. — Sadness during the menses. — Aqueous discharge from the uterus. — Acrid, corrosive, or aqueous, burning leucorrhcea. — Sterility by menstruation of a too small quantity.

Tedious catarrh or dryness of the nose. — Checked catarrh and obstruction of the nose, especially at night, almost suffocating.

Roughness and hoarseness, which nearly prevents speaking.

A cough with hoarseness, while the body is warm. —A dry cough, as if caused by feather-dust in the throat. — A tickling cough with expectoration. — A cough only at night; or only in the daytime; or in the evening before falling asleep; or in the morning at 3, 4 o’clock.—When coughing stitches in the back. —Hemoptysis with violent affection of the breast.

Short breathing, especially when ascending steps.— Asthmatic affection, with palpitation of the heart, especially after exercise.

Stitches in the breast, when breathing and singing. — Stitches in the sides of the breast, when stooping and walking, and especially at night in the left side, with the inability to lie upon that side. — Congestion to the breast, after writing. — Burning in the breast. — Heaviness in the breast. — Hydrothorax. — Stitches in the muscular parts of the chest. — Racking from the sides of the breast to the shoulder-joint. — Palpitation of the heart.

Drawing pain in the nape and the small of the back. — Painful swelling of the jugular and axillary glands. — Drawing tightness in the back and sacral region.

The arms and fingers become torpid and dead, at night, in the morning, and when grasping something. — Rending in the joints of the arms, hands and fingers, alleviated by the warmth of the bed. — Pain in the wrist, which formerly was sprained. — Attacks of trembling of the hands. — Swollen veins and blue hands, after cold washing. — Scaling of the palm of the hands. — Hard cracked skin of the hands. — Spasm in the fingers. — The fingers asleep. — The fingers become bloated, when the arms hang down. — Swelling of the middle joints of the fingers.

Tension in the legs, as if the tendons were too short. — Contraction of the legs. — Great weakness of the legs. — Pain in the hip-joints and thighs, a% if beaten, in the morning in bed, relieved after rising and walking. — Cramp in the shinbones, calves of the legs and feet. — Twitches in the knee and legs. — Drawing pain in the legs, when sitting.—Rending in the feet-joints alleviated by warmth in bed.— Burning in the feet. — Stinging and soreness in the heel. — Swelling of the feet. — Sweating of the feet. — Wrenching pain in the big toe, at night in bed, when moving. — Redness, heat, and swelling of the big toe in the evening, with pricking pain, as from chilblains.

Reference: G. H. G Jahr’s Manual of Homoeopathic medicine

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