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Proved by Hahnemann 1827 by him and his friend, Count de Gersdorf, who personally obtained nearly one-half of the symptoms.
Of doubtful origin, for years on the borderland as to its true classification, but probably a nosode or morbid product found in the belly of the sperm-whale, the Physeter Macrosephalous. found floating upon the sea or thrown upon the shore of the Baltic, or on the coast of Madagascar or Sumatra. best specimens are those which whalers cut out and are to be found in Boston and other whaling ports. Best specimens are those which whalers cut out and are to be found in Boston and other whaling ports.
Shy childrens, especially girls,excitable, nervous anxiety and weak. Old people nervous affections
Dried up, nervous thin, scrawny women, with bilious temperament, with premature senility, so makes the remedy use in ailments of both extremes of life. Both cry for days, weeping sadness,
Bashfulness, very characteristic of Ambra g, embarrassed in company,. In presence of others,
Even the nurse, is unbearable during stool, frequent makes anxiety ineffectual desire.
If embarrassment after business cannot sleep, must get up, but even tired as soon puts head on
Pillow becomes wakeful, weakness, lassitude, and numbness of single parts.
One sided complaints.
Sensation of coldness in abdomen
Like Nat. m cannot urinate in presence of other persons, also Ranula with fetid breath,
Discharge between periods in girls when walking, after hard stool, nymphomania, severe
Pruritus, worse after lying-in.

As a characteristic of the remedy, defective assimilation of the tissues become impoverished : as a result we have weak circulation with coldness of extremities, numbness and vertigo. In any stage of life where these symptoms are found Ambra will work with the senile decrepitude of weak circulation with coldness of the extremities

Relations (Ambra grisea)
Antidoted by Camph., Cof., Nux, Puls., Staph., X-ray. Ambra antidotes Staph., especially the voluptuous itching of scrotum.
Nux antidotes the potentized Ambra.

Ambra g. mind slow comprehention, worse in the morning thinking
has to read three or four times, then does not Understand, distorting images, grimaces, with diabolical faces crowd.
Fears of insanity, feeling stupid, inability to reflect upon anything properly.
Worse in presence of other people aggravates the symptoms, like cough worse in presence of other people,
Great sadness, despondent, does not want to live.

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