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Allen, T. F., Hand Book of Materia Medica and
Homeopathic therapeutics.
In large doses, Aloes produce a determination of
blood to the pelvic organs, which occasions haemorrhoids.
Uterine engorgement with increased menstrual flow, sexual orgasm in men, etc. It increases the peristalsis of colon,
and the secretion of bile.
General: Better from open air, and disinclination to mental
or physical effort. Head: frontal headache, dull, heavy,
pressing downward into eyes and nose must close the
eyes. Nose bleed in the morning. Mouth: bitter and
metallic taste. Stomach: Nausea, with the frontal
headache, flatulent distention and eructations.
Abdomen sore in sides, over the liver, heat and pressure.
feeling of a plug in pelvis, between symphysis and
coccyx, with urging. Rectum heaviness, dragging as
if from stool, sudden impulse to evacuate feces.
swollen and sore haemorrhoids, sphincter uncertain,
permits escape of thin feces with gas.
Dysentery, bloody, jelly-like evacuations, followed by
pain and soreness in the rectum
Hot dark, scanty or even bloddy uring and bloody
Heaviness in sacrum and pain amel. motion,
Jaundice, much crawling and itching, FURUNCLES
with disordered liver
Beatriz H Hill August 2012

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