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Phatak S R. Materia M. Homeopathic Medicines
Generalities, it acts on intestinal mucous membranes,
increasing peristalsis. It is adapted to fleshy persons, used
to high living who suffer from dyspepsia and catarrhal
affections, patients who eat meat, than they drink
Digestion is disordered by slightest error in diet.
Has vasodilatory properties. The child is drowsy,
lifeless, extremely pale, bowels torpid, will not walk,
and the legs do not grow as rapidly as rest of the body.
Garlic, ajo, ail, alho, kitumguu saumu, somu, thumu,
from the Bryonia grup of remedies that include Lyc, Dig.,
Nux-v, Coloc., Ign. all act with a lot of power in people who eats too much meat or animals. Does not act well in Vegetarians. People who eat allot, tendency to obesity
and people who are strong, dark complexion, firm muscles.
and for gourmet people with anxiety and impatience.
Fear of not getting well, that will not be able to tolerate any medicine, fear to be poisoned. > “Diabetes mellitus.

Pain in hip, pain in psoas and Illiac muscles, pulmonary tuberculosis,
diminishes cough and fetid expectoration. Brings temperature down. weight is gained, and sleep becomes regular,
Haemoptysis. Catarrhal deafness with heavy pulsations in
temples. Sweetish saliva after meals at night, sensation
of a hair on tongue and throat.
Voracious appetite, least change in diet causes trouble. Constipation with constant dull pain.
Constant Rattling of mucus in Bronchi, cough < morning with mucous expectoration which is tenacious, difficult to raise.
Sensitive to cold air, darting pain in chest.
Swelling and painful breasts in women, with eruptions in vagina, vulva and breasts during menses..
Sadness in his mind, cries during sleep, fears that will not recover, and impulse to leave. Vertigo walking for long time same thing. Oftalmia catarrhal worse at night, burning tears, with itching return every night when trying to read. Cholics with flatus. feel like a weight in hipogastrio. each step feels as if intestins are tore down. Burning stools, diarrhea 3 am. with cutting pains. Prolapso annal, Vermes.

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