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Pearls in Homeopathy, Douglass M.E. Materia Medica
Drawing from both sides of the frontal bone as far as the
body, as if frost-bitten, or burning, and itching of internal
parts. Twitching of the facial muscles.
Passage of much inodorous flatus.
Peculiar painfulness along the spinal cord when stooping
Violent shooting, burning pains deep in the spine
aching along the spine and limbs
spinal column sensitive to the touch
tremor of the hands,
awful bearing-down pains in female pelvis, almost
intolerable, paralysis of upper and lower limbs
Violent muscular twitchings.
Involuntary movements while awake, cease during sleep.
Allen H.C. Keynotes and Characteristics
for old people with weak, indolent circulation.
Drunkwards, especially for their headaches, bad effects after
a debauch.
Dellieium with constant raving, tries to get out of bed,
in typhoid or typhus.
Headaches of those who readily become delirious in fever
or with pain (Bell), persons with chorea, twitchings or
grimaces from spinal affections.
Sensation as if touched or ice-cold needles were piercing
the skin, as from hot needles
redness or ears, nose, face, hands and feet, parts red, swollen
and hot,
Epilepsy from suppressed eruptions.
Every motion, every turn of body, causes pain in spine
Prolapsus, post-climateric, bearing down pain intolerable.
Extremely sensitive to cold air.
Complaints appear diagonally, upper left and lower right side.
Relation, similar to Act., Cal.,Can Ind., Hyos, Kali p, Lach,
Nux, Op, Stram, in delirium of alcoholism, to Myg. Tar.
Zinc in chore.
Agg. after coitus, eating, cold air, before a thunder storm
Beatriz Hernández Hill, Beatriz H Hill

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