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Characteristic peculiarity of AGARICUS

Cramp-pains in the muscles of the limbs, especially when sitting. — Drawing and tearing, especially in the limbs, which continues while sitting or standing, and goes off during motion.

Symptoms which appear diagonally, changing from side to side, for instance : in the right upper arm and in the left lower limb, or drawing now in the right upper arm, then in the left knee-joint, now in the right, then in the left thigh. —

The patient feels most comfortable when walking slowly.

The pains in the lower limbs, especially in the knees, almost always come on when sitting or standing, rarely when walking ; the pains are diminished and removed by movement ; the knee-joints are painful in the morning immediately after getting up ; in the legs the pain increases by standing, is diminished by walking and sitting ; the pain in the tibia continues when sitting, disappears by walking.

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